One of the UK’s Top Terrorism Barristers and QC’s

As one of the UK’s top terrorism barristers and QC’s, Michael has acted in LibyanTurkish, and alleged Islamic terrorist cases.

  • He advised in the Lockerbie bombing, and more recently he acted for the first Defendant in the 7/7 bombings which caused such loss of life in London. Michael’s client was acquitted.
  • He appeared in the appeal of the 21/7 bombings, the follow-up attack to 7/7.
  • He also represented the leader of the plot to behead a British Muslim soldier. The plan was to display the head on the Internet to deter other Muslims fighting for the British forces.
  • Michael also acted for the London “Nail Bomber”, David Copeland, who targeted Gays, Asians and Black persons and killed and injured so many in a campaign that caused terror across the Capital.

If you, or your loved one, are facing allegations of terrorism, and would like to discuss your case with one of the UK’s top Terrorism Barristers and QC’s, please feel free to contact me for a preliminary conversation.