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Being wrongly convicted of a criminal offence or receiving a lengthy sentence in a criminal court can have a devastating impact upon an accused, their friends and their family. The appeal can be both daunting and at times quite difficult to navigate.

It is part of our task to take those we represent through this process in as painless a way as possible.

There are two types of appeal in this jurisdiction:

  • Appeal Against Conviction
  • Appeal Against Sentence

For both of those types of appeal there is a two-stage process. In the first instance, all cases must be put before a Single Judge who will grant or refuse permission to appeal based on whether the written grounds are “arguable”.

The task that we have in representing individuals in that position is to draft grounds of appeal which are succinct and to the point for the simple reason that the Single Judge will often be inundated with work to consider.

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MC Chambers | Top KC-Led Direct Access Criminal Appeals Barrister’s Chambers – London & UK

Top KC led Public Direct Access Criminal Appeals Barrister Chambers - London & UK

Grounds of Appeal Against Conviction | Best Direct Access Criminal Appeals KC-Led Barrister’s Chambers – London & UK

The common misconceptions as far as appeals against conviction are concerned are that people often feel that they can appeal simply because they do not like the verdict in the Crown Court – but that’s not the case.

The Court of Appeal will only interfere with and overturn a conviction if they come to the conclusion that the conviction is unsafe. There is no textbook answer or reasoning as to what amounts to an unsafe conviction.

  • It could be for example that the prosecution have not done all that they should in that they maybe have not disclosed material that they should have disclosed. We have certainly experienced this many times.
  • It could be for example that the judge has given a misdirection of law to the jury
  • It could be that there’s been some type of procedural irregularity.

So all of those reasons, and others, could amount to a basis upon which it could be argued that the conviction is unsafe.

Nobody can guarantee that an appeal will be successful.

However, we can guarantee that our deliberately small size, our niche areas of expertise, and our focus on client personal care will improve your chances of a successful appeal.

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Kieran Vaughan KC – Head of Chambers

Kieran is widely recognised as one of the UK’s top criminal defence trial barristers and criminal appeal KCs. His experience in dealing with the most serious, complex national cases is almost unparalleled. Kieran has successfully defended individuals in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal in many high profile cases, and areas of Law.

The Legal 500 describes Kieran as: “Possibly the best KC of our generation. He is an amazing lawyer with tactical nous and a wonderful court manner. His cross-examination is skilful and incisive, his legal arguments are well prepared and persuasive, and he is committed to the clients he represents. A brilliant all-rounder – not a hint of any weakness.”

Grounds of Appeal Against Sentence | Leading Expert Direct Access Specialist KC-Led Criminal Appeals Barrister’s Chambers – London & UK

For appeals against sentence, the Court of Appeal will only interfere with a sentence that’s been passed in the Crown Court, if in their judgement it is a sentence that’s either manifestly excessive or wrong in principle.

As with appeals against conviction, there is a two stage process for that to be considered:

The first stage is consideration as to whether or not there are arguable grounds of appeal by the Single Judge.

If the Single Judge grants permission to appeal, then he or she will refer the case to the full Court for an oral hearing. If the Single Judge refuses permission to appeal, it is still possible to renew the application and argue it in front of the full Court, and as specialist appeals barristers, we know when and when not to renew an application.

Whether a sentence is in fact wrong in principle or manifestly excessive will depend upon a multitude of factors. As with appeals against conviction, there is no textbook answer on this.

In order to best represent somebody’s interests, we need to perform a careful analysis and assimilation of the papers and the material that went before the Crown Court to assess whether there are arguable grounds to be put before the Court of Appeal.

This requires time, effort and focus and enables us to maximise an individual’s prospects for success on appeal.

Notable Appeals Cases | Top Appeals KC-Led Barrister's Chambers | London & UK | Direct Access Scheme

Ched Evans – Professional Footballer

Mr Evans was a professional footballer who was originally convicted of rape. Kieran did not appear at the original trial but was instructed to lead the appeal on behalf of Mr Evans. As Mr Evans had already had his appeal against conviction refused by the Court of Appeal, the only route to appeal was via the CCRC. Having considered submissions, the CCRC referred the case to the Court of Appeal who heard a lengthy appeal against conviction involving fresh evidence from a number of witnesses. The Court of Appeal quashed his conviction. Read more.

Christine Connor

Not having represented Christine at her original trial, Kieran was instructed to advise and represent Miss Connor on an appeal against conviction in the Court of Appeal, Northern Ireland. Miss Connor had been convicted of a number of terrorist related offences, including attempting to murder a number of police officers. After a lengthy three-day appeal involving live evidence, all of Miss Connor’s convictions were quashed. Read more.


Kieran represented Mr B in the Court of Appeal, not having represented him at trial. Mr Baxter and two others (DS and RP) had been convicted in 2010 of conspiracy to murder. The entire appeal process lasted three years. The appeal largely concerned the use of forensic voice evidence and involved the Court of Appeal hearing evidence from a number of expert witnesses. The original convictions were quashed and Mr B was subsequently acquitted in a re-trial. Read more.

Michael McKevit

Kieran advised and represented Michael in an appeal against the findings of the High Court in N Ireland that he was responsible for the Omagh Bombing. Mr McKevitt had been convicted in Dublin of leading and directing the Real IRA. The mainstay of the evidence against him came from a FBI and Mi5 agent David Rupert, who has subsequently written a book about his involvement with the organisation. Read more.


Mr V was accused of being involved in a sophisticated plot to import £12 million of cocaine in a helicopter. Kieran dealt with the case in the Court of Appeal where Mr V appealed against his sentence. Read more.


Mr G was charged, together with others, of importing millions of pounds worth of cocaine into the UK. The drugs were imported in specially designed hides within luxury vehicles. Kieran dealt with the case in the Court of Appeal where Mr G appealed against his sentence. Read more.

R v Healy – EWCA Crim 1901 (Healy Courtney Judgement)

Catherine represented a young girl who was sentenced to three years immediate custody for smuggling nine grams of cocaine in 18 wraps into Creamfields dance festival. The appellant was a first time offender and NHS worker. Catherine argued that the sentence was excessive and the appeal was allowed. The sentence was reduced to two years suspended for two years and the appellant was released from custody the same day. Catherine received the following esteemed praise from Lady Justice Simler: “Ms Daly, there are some Counsel who think that coming along to a hearing in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) is to a lesser or greater degree a waste of time because the judges have made up their minds before coming to Court. I can tell you that it was your submissions this morning that have persuaded us…” Read more.

R v T & T & F – Court of Appeal Criminal Division

Catherine represented a 15 year old who received a nine year sentence of imprisonment with three years extended for public protection. The appellant and his younger brother were convicted of causing grievous bodily harm with intent following a trial. The victim, a 47 year old male, was beaten almost to death in a public park during the day time, after an argument arose between some youngsters over a frisbee. A third defendant was found guilty of a lesser offence. Catherine argued that the sentencing Judge had failed to correctly apply the Sentencing Guideline for Young People and Children and the sentence was manifestly excessive. The appeal was allowed and the custodial part of the sentence reduced from nine years imprisonment to six years imprisonment. Read more.

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Our Heritage | Michael Wolkind KC (formerly QC)

We are small, elite and hand-picked team. Our proud heritage arises from one of the most renowned master criminal defence barristers of recent times – Michael Wolkind KC (formerly QC).

Although retired from active client representation now, Michael remains an integral part of Chambers.


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