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    16 Jan 2020

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    19 Nov 2019

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    11 Nov 2019

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    30 Sep 2019
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    Besties Vlogs
    28 Sep 2019

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    21 Sep 2019

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    18 Sep 2019
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    21 May 2019

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    01 May 2019
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    01 Jan 2019


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    01 Nov 2017

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    01 Oct 2017

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    01 Jun 2017

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    01 May 2017

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    01 May 2017
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    gary Pearce
    01 Apr 2017

    Justice must be assured and not gambled with. This can only happen with meticulous preparation, attention to detail and a... read more

    Alan Clarke
    01 Apr 2017

Michael Wolkind QC is one of the UK’s Top Criminal Defence Barristers

“Hard work and great judgement underlie his panache and zest for advocacy.”
Legal 500 2019 – Crime (General Crime) Tier 1 Leading Silks

“There are great legal minds, even greater legal minds, and then there is
Michael Wolkind QC, a man who has no fear when holding your future in his hands”

MM, following his murder acquittal

“There is no doubt this exceptional and caring man has a ‘divine presence’ in court.
Through Michael’s efforts my son was fully acquitted of both charges.”

GR welcomes result

Michael Wolkind QC is widely recognised as one of the UK’s top criminal trial and appeal barristers and widely considered the first choice counsel for both criminal trials and criminal appeals. Following his success in the cases of Tony Martin, Munir Hussain and others, he is considered to be one of the leading QC’s and barristers for self-defence, and householder rights.

He is often seen as the first choice counsel for both criminal trials and criminal appeals. He is the Barrister/QC to instruct if you are charged with murder or charged with any serious crime. Similarly, if you wish to appeal against a conviction or appeal against a sentence please contact Michael.

He has appeared as Leading Counsel in a great number of murders, and as one of the UK’s top criminal QC’s, he is described in Chambers Directory as “a fantastic defence advocate with a proven track record of success in high- profile cases”. The Legal 500 Directory describes Michael as “Without doubt, the best cross- examiner in the business”.

Michael’s first ever case as Leading Counsel defending in a murder was a front-page reported dismemberment trial at the Old Bailey, back in 1985. Nicholas Boyce had killed his wife, Christabel, and chopped and cooked her remains before disposing of her head in the River Thames at Hungerford Bridge. The defence sought a provocation manslaughter verdict.  He was acquitted of murder after a jury retirement of less than an hour.

One of the UK’s Best Criminal Defence Barristers

More than 30 years later, and claiming he is sharper than ever, Michael maintains his reputation as one of the UK’s best criminal defence barristers and QC’s whilst continuing to achieve outstanding results. He is seen as “a star in trials” and “a virtuoso performer who lights up the courtroom with great stagecraft and verbal facility.”

If your case needs the exposure or “destruction” of a witness, then please consider this directory description of Michael as “sharp as a tack and lightning- quick when thinking on his feet, he can brutally unmask the liar in the box when the opportunity arises”.

Image of Michael Wolkind QC - One of the UK's best criminal defence barristers