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We are a top KC-led POCA direct access money laundering and confiscation barrister’s chambers with vast experience and stunning successes. Both Kieran and Catherine have represented individuals who have faced the most serious allegations of money laundering. They have also represented individuals in proceedings in which the Prosecution have sought to confiscate assets to the value of several million pounds.

The Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2002 creates a number of separate money laundering criminal offences, which include obtaining, hiding, converting and removing criminal property. These can be very serious offences and carry a maximum sentence of 14 years’ imprisonment.

Freezing Order

While a case is pending right up unto to the point of judgement,a freezing order can be made. This is an interim injunction prohibiting a potential defendant from using his or her assets.

Confiscation Order

Should the Prosecution secure a conviction, what usually follows is an application by them for confiscation under the provisions set out within the POCA (Proceeds of Crime Act). This is a final measure designed to stop criminals from accessing any and all assets obtained by breaking the law.

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If certain conditions within POCA are satisfied, a court may find that a defendant has a “criminal lifestyle”. This results in a number of assumptions being made, such as all of a defendant’s assets being regarded as from the proceeds of crime and / or that all of their expenditure over a six year period is assumed to be from the proceeds of crime. Such findings can have the most severe of consequences, such as:

  • A Defendant having to serve an additional term of imprisonment for defaulting on payment of any order the court imposes. Such a term of imprisonment can be up to 14 years and is in addition to any sentence imposed for the offence which gave rise to the POCA proceedings.
  • The confiscation of legitimately acquired assets, including the matrimonial home.
  • Spouses and business partners may unjustly lose assets in which they have a beneficial interest.
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Kieran Vaughan KC – Head of Chambers

Kieran is widely recognised as one of the UK’s top criminal defence trial and appeal barristers. His experience in dealing with the most serious, complex profile national cases is almost unparalleled. Kieran has successfully defended individuals in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal in many high profile cases, and Areas of Law.

The Legal 500 describes Kieran as: “Possibly the best KC of our generation. He is an amazing lawyer with tactical nous and a wonderful court manner. His cross-examination is skilful and incisive, his legal arguments are well prepared and persuasive, and he is committed to the clients he represents. A brilliant all-rounder – not a hint of any weakness.”

Top Proceeds of Crime Direct Access Money Laundering & Confiscation Defence KC-Led Barrister’s Chambers – London & UK

Our Head of Chambers, Kieran Vaughan KC, is considered one of the country’s most highly respected money-laundering defence barristers. His experience in dealing with such cases is vast and covers the largest sums to the smallest cash finds. He is also a co-author of a leading legal book on this complex and ever-changing Area of Confiscation Law.

Not only are money laundering charges extremely serious (bringing with them a sentence up to 14 years custody), but they bring with them the threat of confiscation of assets. Confiscation can result in the seizure of assets and the imposition of a lengthy sentence in default. Such is Kieran’s expertise in this area that he was invited by Sweet and Maxwell, the leading legal publisher, to co-author a text book on confiscation.

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Catherine Daly – Expert Barrister

Catherine appears in the Crown Court, the Magistrates Court, the Court of Appeal, and in front of Parole Boards. She deals with both minor offences, like driving, and serious cases involving violence, sex offences and drugs, and has a string of stunning successes. She often represents clients with vulnerabilities and continues to receive outstanding client feedback.

One of many 5 star Google reviews: “Catherine Daly is an exceptional criminal defence barrister who exemplifies professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication. She demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to my case, ensuring every aspect was meticulously examined and skilfully represented. Her profound knowledge of the law, coupled with her strategic insight, led to a successful outcome beyond my expectations. Catherine navigates complex legal proceedings with precision and poise.”

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Notable POCA Cases | Top POCA Defence KC-Led Barrister's Chambers | London & UK | Money Laundering & Confiscation Direct Access Scheme

Sergejs Auzins (40 Months’ Imprisonment)

Kieran was privately instructed to represent Mr Auzens who was accused of money laundering. This was the largest ever Met police cash seizure and one of the largest ever cash seizures in the UK. The police seized over £5,000,000 in cash from a flat in Fulham, London (the photographs within the reports say it all!) The evidence revealed an international plan to move large amounts of cash from the UK. The amount of money laundered was staggering. The case received a huge amount of national newspaper and television coverage. Read more.

Carl Smith (Suspended Sentence)

Carl Smith was charged with fraud and money laundering. The prosecution was brought by Essex Trading Standards against a number of individuals who were trading in solar panels and ancillary products. The fraud was said to be in the region of £6.5 million. Mr Smith was acquitted of fraud and received a suspended sentence of imprisonment for money laundering. Read more.

Gerard Grischew (Acquitted After Trial)

Kieran successfully defended Mr Grischew on a privately funded basis. The trial lasted for over eight weeks. Mr Grischew was accused of being the head of a multi-million pound international money laundering organisation. The operation was said to have involved the movement of millions of pounds of sterling to Germany, Ukraine and Dubai where the money was converted into foreign currency and exchanged for precious items such as high value watches (some worth £500,000 each) and gold. In what was a complex and difficult case, part of the defence involved calling evidence from Dubai and Gibraltar and Germany.

H (Acquitted After Trial)

Successfully defended a very wealthy and successful businessman who was accused of being involved in an international money laundering operation.

Aminov (Suspended Sentence)

Mr Aminov was found in possession of over £300,000 in cash. Following a guilty plea, Mr Aminov received a suspended sentence of imprisonment.

P (Acquitted After Trial)

Successfully defended an individual related to a premiership footballer who was accused of money laundering.

Semen Kuksov (5 Years, 7 Months)

Mr Kuksov pleaded guilty to playing a leading role in an international money laundering operation in which he accepted he laundered over £12,000,000 in cash.

Joanne Barnes (Suspended Sentence)

Represented a defendant in the case involving Terry Adams, who was alleged to be head of one of the most successful criminal families the country has ever known. The defendant faced a number of allegations of money laundering in what has been described as one of the largest and most detailed cases in British history. Read more.

Luke Menicou (Suspended Sentence)

Defended Luke Menicou who was a defendant in the Tommy Adams money laundering case. The main evidence in the case came from a listening device that was implanted in a café in Holborn that was used by Tommy Adams and Luke Menicou. Read more.

Nicolas (Acquitted After Trial)

Successfully defended a defendant who was accused of being involved in the theft and money laundering of £1,000,000 worth of gold bullion in Belgium. The case involved, amongst other matters, the use of foreign intercepted telephone evidence. The case received an enormous amount of publicity, partly due to the fact that one of the defendants was stepfather to a TOWIE actor. Mr Nicolas was acquitted of all counts. Read more.


Kieran represented the first defendant, David Mills, who was accused of defrauding HBOS of over £245 million. The case made significant headlines both nationally and internationally, and resulted in a review by Dame Linda Dobbs following Lloyds Banking Group’s acquisition of HBOS. Read more.


Mr Lal was accused of being responsible for organising an international money laundering operation through a number of bureaux de change in central London. The prosecution case was that he was behind the laundering of over £6,000,000, but that this was the tip of a much larger iceberg. Read more.

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Our Heritage | Michael Wolkind KC (formerly QC)

We are small, elite and hand-picked team. Our proud heritage arises from one of the most renowned master criminal defence barristers of recent times – Michael Wolkind KC (formerly QC).

Although retired from active client representation now, Michael remains an integral part of Chambers.


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