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We are a top KC-led direct access terrorism defence barrister chambers with vast experience and stunning successes.

Our Head of Chambers, Kieran Vaughan KC, has been recognised for many years by all main Legal Directories as being one of the UK’s leading barristers defending those accused of terrorism. Throughout the years, Kieran has been instructed in some of the most serious and high-profile terrorist cases in both this jurisdiction and N Ireland.

Terrorist offences under the Terrorism Acts and otherwise cover a very wide array of allegations including:

  • Possession of terrorist material
  • Dissemination of terrorist material
  • Distribution of extremist material online
  • Encouragement of terrorist material
  • Membership of a proscribed organisation
  • Conspiracy to cause explosions
  • Funding terrorism
  • Incitement to murder
  • Attempted murder
  • Murder

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MC Chambers | Top KC-Led Direct Access Terrorism Defence Barrister’s Chambers – London & UK

Top KC led Public Direct Access Terrorism Barrister Chambers - London & UK
Best Public Direct Access Terrorism KC-Led Barrister Chambers - London & UK

Best Direct Access Barrister’s | Top MC Chambers Criminal Defence – London & UK

Kieran Vaughan KC – Head of Chambers

Kieran is widely recognised as one of the UK’s top criminal defence trial and appeal barristers. His experience of dealing with the most serious, complex profile national cases is almost unparalleled. Kieran has successfully defended individuals in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal in many high profile cases, and Areas of Law.

The Legal 500 describes Kieran as: “Possibly the best KC of our generation. He is an amazing lawyer with tactical nous and a wonderful court manner. His cross-examination is skilful and incisive, his legal arguments are well prepared and persuasive, and he is committed to the clients he represents. A brilliant all-rounder – not a hint of any weakness.”

Notable Terrorism Cases | Top Terrorism Defence KC-Led Barrister's Chambers | London & UK | Direct Access Scheme

Sean Hoey (Omagh Bombing)

Kieran successfully defended Sean Hoey who was accused, amongst other offences, of 29 murders following the Omagh Bombing. The case caused headlines throughout the world due to the devastating consequences of the bomb and the impact it had upon the peace process (it had taken place only 13 weeks after the Good Friday Agreement was signed). Mr Hoey was acquitted of all counts. Read more.

Michael McKevitt  – (Omagh Bombing Civil Case)

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R v Iqbal

Defending in a case that achieved enormous national media attention due to the lurid details of the plot to kidnap and behead a British soldier. Read more.

Mina Dich

Represented Mina Dich who was accused of plotting with her two daughters to carry out a terrorist attack in Westminster. The three defendants were widely reported as the first ever female terrorist cell in the UK and according to the prosecution “planned to launch an attack, using knives, against members of the public, selected largely at random, in the environs of the Palace of Westminster in central London. This would have been an attack that would at the very least have caused widespread panic, but was intended to involve the infliction of serious injury and death”. Read more.

Christine Connor

Kieran was instructed to represent Christine Connor on an appeal against her convictions for conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause explosions in the Court of Appeal in Belfast. Kieran did not represent Miss Connor at first instance. Miss Connor was originally convicted of plotting to kill police officers by luring them to a particular area and then detonating a number of explosive devices. One such device was in fact detonated causing serious injury to a police officer. The appeal lasted three days in the Court of Appeal. The appeal was successful, and all convictions were quashed. Read more.


Dessie Kearns was accused of being part of a Real IRA plot to purchase an arsenal of weapons in Eastern Europe said to have amounted to tonnes. He was alleged to have tried to purchase rocket launchers, sea-to-air missiles and plastic explosives on behalf of the Real IRA.

The case involved MI5. MI5 were responsible for setting up the “sting” in Eastern Europe.

Following legal argument concerning entrapment and disclosure failings in the prosecution case, the trial judge dismissed the case against Mr Kearns. Read more.

Abas Taj

Kieran represented Mr Taj who was accused of being party to a plot to set fire to the premises of a publishing company in order to prevent the publication of a book said to be offensive to Muslims called “The Jewel of Medina”. Read more.

Mr Khan was charged with eight others of a number of terrorist-related plots. These included a plan to blow up the London Stock Exchange and to purchase land abroad and train terrorists before returning to the UK. Having pleaded guilty to part of the indictment, Mr Khan received a custodial sentence. Whilst he was attending a course as part of his rehabilitation, he carried out the fatal attacks on London Bridge in which he stabbed to death two individuals. Read more.

Sajid Khan

Mr Khan and his wife had planned to carry out a terror attack on a Jewish community in north-west England in an attempt to carry out “jihad at home”. Read more.

Irfan Naseer

Mr Naseer and his co-defendants were accused of being part of a plot to carry out a bombing campaign in Birmingham. According to the prosecution opening, the planned bombing campaign would have been more devastating than 7/7. Read more.

Tahir Aziz

Mr Aziz was accused with two others of being part of a plot to carry out a bombing campaign in Stoke. Read more.


Mr McGeough was accused of attempted murder of a soldier in N Ireland. The victim managed to shoot his assailant before he managed to escape. The same man ended up in a nearby hospital where he was kept under guard by the police. He managed to escape and eventually made his way to Sweden where he claimed political asylum. The asylum application, in which admissions were made, formed the main body of evidence against him. Following his conviction, Mr McGeough appealed unsuccessfully to the Supreme Court. Read more.


John Crawley and his co-defendants were known as the “A-Team” (John Grieve, Head of Scotland Yard Anti-Terror Unit). They were accused of being an IRA cell who had come to England to blow up a number of key electricity power stations positioned around London. The economic loss was said to be incalculable. Read more.


Kieran represented Jimmy Murphy who was part of an IRA cell in London. Mr Murphy and his co-defendants were convicted of planning to carry out a huge explosion in the City. When arresting the defendants in Hammersmith, West London, one of the suspects, Diarmuid O’Neil was shot dead. The case received very wide press coverage both here and abroad. Read more.

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Our Heritage | Michael Wolkind KC (formerly QC)

We are small, elite and hand-picked team. Our proud heritage arises from one of the most renowned master criminal defence barristers of recent times – Michael Wolkind KC (formerly QC).

Although retired from active client representation now, Michael remains an integral part of Chambers.


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