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Originally the Chambers of Michael Wolkind KC, MC Chambers, was created to address the need for proper client care in the criminal justice system. Having been part of large criminal Chambers for decades, Michael was of the view that a smaller outfit would benefit not only the client but the barrister, who would have more time and resources to dedicate to each case. Thus MC Chambers was born.

Since Michael’s retirement in 2023, Kieran Vaughan KC has replaced him as Head of Chambers and MC Chambers continues to provide a bespoke, client focused service to anyone charged with a criminal offence.

Although we are able, in appropriate circumstances, to take your case directly, without a solicitor, we can also connect you with solicitors and a vast variety of experts, from psychiatrists to handwriting experts, which ensures that we can provide a comprehensive service from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and continue striving to deliver an outstanding service to those in the pursuit of justice.

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About Our Chambers. MC Chambers

Our Heritage | Michael Wolkind KC (formerly QC)

We are small, elite and hand-picked team. Our proud heritage arises from one of the most renowned master criminal defence barristers of recent times – Michael Wolkind KC (formerly QC).

Although retired from active client representation now, Michael remains an integral part of Chambers.


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