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We are a top KC-led direct access drugs and Encrochat defence barrister chambers with vast experience and stunning successes. 

With extensive experience of dealing with all drug-related offences, we support clients with all charges, from the smallest allegations of possession, to those involving the importation of tonnes of Class A drugs – and everything else in between.

We understand that even a minor drug offence can have a significant impact on someone’s life. We can represent you for any drug related offence, from simple possession to the most serious organised operations.

The exact ‘role’ of an individual in a wider operation is particularly important when accused of a conspiracy to supply drugs. The sentences imposed for different ‘roles’ in the chain (‘lesser’, ‘significant’ or ‘leading’) vary significantly, so make sure you seek the best advice to achieve the best outcome.

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MC Chambers | Top KC-Led Direct Access Drugs & Encrochat Defence Barrister’s Chambers – London & UK

Top KC led Public Direct Access Drugs Encrochat Barrister Chambers - London & UK

Best Drugs & Encrochat Evidence Direct Access Defence Barrister Chambers | KC-Led | London & UK

More recently, a significant amount of allegations concerning the importation and supply of Class A drugs have come before the courts as a consequence of data having been obtained by the National Crime Agency (NCA) from Encrochat devices. We have vast experience in dealing with cases involving this type of evidence.

Encrochat was a European communication network which allowed its users to send encrypted messages and make encrypted calls. This was achieved, in part, by routing data through a server located in France, which provided end-to-end encryption.

With EncroChat, it was relatively straightforward to acquire a ‘military grade’ encrypted phone, often said to be the choice of phone for Organised Crime Groups.

In 2019, an operation between UK, French and Dutch police breached EncroChat’s service. By April 2020 European agencies, including the National Crime Agency, had access to millions of text messages and hundreds of thousands of images. They soon began to make hundreds of arrests based on the data they acquired.

The legality of the Encrochat breach by the authorities, and the admissibility of the evidence obtained, is complex and has yet to be fully determined. Some believe that EncroChat servers may have been infiltrated illegally. Meanwhile, prosecutions based on Encrochat evidence continue to rise.

If you or anyone you know is involved in an Encrochat case, or any other drug related matter, and needs advice, please contact us.

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Kieran Vaughan KC – Head of Chambers

Kieran is widely recognised as one of the UK’s top criminal defence trial barristers and criminal appeal KCs. His experience in dealing with the most serious, complex national cases is almost unparalleled. Kieran has successfully defended individuals in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal in many high profile cases, and areas of Law.

The Legal 500 describes Kieran as: “Possibly the best KC of our generation. He is an amazing lawyer with tactical nous and a wonderful court manner. His cross-examination is skilful and incisive, his legal arguments are well prepared and persuasive, and he is committed to the clients he represents. A brilliant all-rounder – not a hint of any weakness.”

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Even being charged with possession of a small amount of drugs for personal use can have life changing consequences for travel and employment.

Experience tells us that there is no one ‘type’ of person involved in drug use or supply. We understand that life presents all kinds of tests that can quickly lead us down a rocky path, sometimes for financial gain, sometimes out of fear or addiction. No matter what the circumstances, if you or someone you know need advice regarding a drug offence, please contact us.

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Catherine Daly – Expert Barrister

Catherine appears in the Crown Court, the Magistrates Court, the Court of Appeal, and in front of Parole Boards. She deals with both minor offences, like driving, and serious cases involving violence, sex offences and drugs, and has a string of stunning successes. She often represents clients with vulnerabilities and continues to receive outstanding client feedback.

One of many 5 star Google reviews: “Catherine Daly is an exceptional criminal defence barrister who exemplifies professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication. She demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to my case, ensuring every aspect was meticulously examined and skilfully represented. Her profound knowledge of the law, coupled with her strategic insight, led to a successful outcome beyond my expectations. Catherine navigates complex legal proceedings with precision and poise.”

Best Public Direct Access Drugs Encrochat KC-Led Barrister Chambers - London & UK

Notable Drugs Cases | Top Direct Access Criminal Defence KC-Led Barrister's Chambers | London & UK


Thomas “Bomber” Kavanagh pleaded guilty to being the head of an international conspiracy to import cocaine. Mr Kavanagh was alleged to be the “top man” of the UK branch of the worldwide Kinahan cartel, which has recently been targeted by the USA. Mr Kavanagh was widely reported to have been one of the individuals in overall control of this world-wide organisation. The case was reported in the international press. Further details of Mr Kavanagh can be seen in the attached press reports and Wikipedia. Read more.

R v M

Kieran was privately instructed to lead the defence for this defendant who was acquitted of masterminding a plot to smuggle half a tonne of cocaine from Columbia on a private jet. Mr M had fled the jurisdiction on the day that others were arrested and he made his way to Thailand where he was extradited back to the UK to face trial. Mr M was detained in the High Security Unit at HMP Belmarsh, such was his alleged seniority in the drug trade. The case itself was extremely complex, demanding and involved a multinational investigation into the activities of the organised criminal group (OCG). Read more.


Defended Freddy Fillingham who along with a number of other defendants was accused of importing the largest ever single consignment of cocaine imported to date (£90 million). Read more.


Defending JP who is accused of being involved in the importation of multi million pounds worth of cocaine. The evidence against JP emanates from an Encrochat device. Read more.

R v V

Mr Vorstenbosch was accused of being involved in a sophisticated plot to import £12 million of cocaine in a helicopter. Read more.

R v MR

We represented a young man facing trial for possession with intent to supply class A and class B drugs, as well as several other related offences.

The defendant was stopped by police driving a vehicle containing vast quantities of drugs and cash. The defendant’s flat was searched and also contained large quantities of drugs and cash, and was clearly being used as a hub for a sophisticated drugs operation.

Our defence was duress. Our client said he had been threatened, extorted, forced to drive the vehicle and that his flat had been cuckooed by a criminal gang.

The defendant was swiftly acquitted.

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Our Heritage | Michael Wolkind KC (formerly QC)

We are small, elite and hand-picked team. Our proud heritage arises from one of the most renowned master criminal defence barristers of recent times – Michael Wolkind KC (formerly QC).

Although retired from active client representation now, Michael remains an integral part of Chambers.


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