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    Top Appeals Barrister in the UK

    One Of The UK’s Top Appeals Barristers and QCs

    Widely recognised as the one of the UK’s top criminal appeals barristers, Michael Wolkind QC is frequently instructed by clients and family searching for the very best top appeals barrister. There is no automatic right to appeal against a conviction or appeal against a sentence, so it is necessary to analyse, in depth, events at the trial, the Judge’s rulings of law and the prospect of finding fresh evidence. Complaints and criticisms about the performance of the trial lawyers may also be important.

    The qualities of a top appeals barrister include an ability to listen, empathise, advise realistically, and then act decisively.

    As one of Britain’s leading criminal appeals barristers and QC’s, Michael has taken on the most unpromising appeals and discovered new issues which have led to success at the Court of Appeal.

    Indeed, a recent Lord Chief Justice described Michael as “a very dangerous advocate who makes even bad points sound perfectly reasonable“.

    Tony Martin

    Property Home-owner Self-defence Appeal.
    Murder reduced to Manslaughter.

    Tony Martin was the Norfolk farmer who lived in extraordinary conditions, a derelict farmhouse loaded with traps for burglars. After being sentenced to Life imprisonment for murder, Michael was instructed for the appeal. The conviction was quashed and replaced by Manslaughter with a sentence of 5 years imprisonment.

    Munir Hussain

    Property Home-owner Self-defence Appeal.
    Immediate Release.

    The case of Munir Hussain had obvious similarities to that of Tony Martin. The Defendant was sent to prison after he fought back against intruders who entered his home and held himself and family hostage. The Defendant, having managed to escape, severely beat the criminal leaving him with serious injury. Michael, on the Appeal, sought an exceptional approach from the Lord Chief Justice, and achieved precisely that with the release of Munir ordered immediately.

    Levi Walker

    Gangland Execution Appeal.
    Conviction quashed.

    Levi Walker was a member of the Midlands gang, the Raiders. He was convicted in 2008 of the shooting execution of a drug-dealing competitor called Kevin Nunes. He was sentenced to Life Imprisonment with a minimum term of 27 years. The crime was described by the Judge as “a brutal execution, a barbaric murder”. The victim’s body had four bullets and his skull had been fractured with nine blows. Michael was instructed in the Appeal from 2009 and the following years involved the gradual destruction of the prosecution case at trial. Significant police misconduct was exposed and the main trial witness for the prosecution was shown to be wholly unreliable. The Court of Appeal quashed the conviction and agreed that there would not be a re-trial.

    Richard Harrison-Allen

    Murder Appeal Success

    Michael Wolkind QC acted for the Defendant Richard Harrison-Allen on his successful appeal against a conviction for murder. The Defendant had been found unanimously guilty of a gang “territorial shooting”. He was identified as the gunman who approached and killed the victim after a challenge of “what end you from?”. At trial “bad character” evidence had been admitted to show that he had previously discharged a firearm in the same area. The appeal hearing was fully contested by the Crown, but Michael discovered material previously undisclosed by the prosecution, which showed their main witness had a motive and a hidden connection to firearms himself.