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    Image of Top-Rated Household Self-Defence Barrister | Michael Wolkind QC | London & UK

    One Of The UK’s Top Property Householder Self-Defence Rights Barristers and QCs

    As a result of his successful appeal victories in the cases of both Tony Martin, Munir Hussain and other cases, Michael is recognised as one of the UK’s leading Property Householder Self-Defence Rights Barristers and QC’s. Michael has appeared a number of times on National TV and Radio debating this subject.

    Tony Martin

    The notorious case of Tony Martin
    Murder reduced to Manslaughter.

    Tony Martin was the Norfolk farmer who lived in extraordinary conditions, a derelict farmhouse loaded with traps for burglars.

    After being sentenced to Life imprisonment for murder, Michael was instructed for the appeal. The conviction was quashed and replaced by Manslaughter with a sentence of 5 years imprisonment. This celebrated success came after Michael argued the rights of self-defence for a homeowner.

    Martin was released in July 2003 after serving three years of his five-year sentence, the maximum period for which he could be held, following good behaviour.

    Munir Hussain

    Property Home-owner Self-defence Appeal.
    Immediate Release.

    The case of Munir Hussain had obvious similarities to that of Tony Martin.

    The Defendant was sent to prison after he fought back against intruders who entered his home and held himself and family hostage. The Defendant, having managed to escape, severely beat the criminal leaving him with serious injury. Michael, on the Appeal, sought an exceptional approach from the Lord Chief Justice, and achieved precisely that with the release of Munir ordered immediately.