After trying to find a barrister Michael Wolkind’s name kept popping up. After contacting his PA Jess she kindly arranged for Michael to speak with me. Jess is such a lovely person who took her time to listen to the matter to try and help as much as she could. Michael is a very knowledgeable barrister and he was very kind enough to point me in the right direction. He seems like an expert in his field and would go out of his way and beyond to help his clients.
Mydha Khan
Really appreciate the help and advice they gave us, easy to talk to and very professional
abdul rafique
solo sheru
Mr Wolkind is one of the most understanding, compassionate, knowledgable and realistic barrister. He has helped me and my family during hardship and always gave assurance as we had no clue what we were dealing with. A true gentleman and very easy to get in contact with. Worth every penny. Thank you.
Syed Rashid
Michael and Jess went over and above to help me out in a very difficult situation. They took time to really listen, were truly compassionate and made things happen. If you need Michael’s help then don’t hesitate to get touch. And if they can’t help you, they’ll put you in touch with someone very competent who can. Cannot recommend highly enough!!!
Sammy Sezz
Such a kind, calm, caring barrister who fights your corner
wyn glencross
It is 12 years ago, in 2006, since Michael Wolkind offered his services to me free of charge when he read of my son's highly suspicious death, after having been assaulted by Pete Doherty and his cronies. Michael secured an Open Verdict at the inquest and turned the case around; if it hadn't been for Michael's brilliance in court, the case would have been buried together with Mark. Michael Wolkind has the rare quality of combining incisive professionalism with compassion and empathy. Hugely charismatic, his inspirational, razor-sharp mind is never far from the surface and he is as passionate about securing justice now in 2018 as he was in 2006. Michael's unstinting commitment to justice for my son has empowered me to write a book documenting our relentless battle, to which Michael has contributed the foreword; a foreword that nails the truth with unflinching precision of what lies beneath the cover-up. All who knew and loved Mark will forever be indebted to you, Michael: a truly great man.
Sheila Blanco
Micheal put me at ease first time I met him and got the job done when he needed to in court. highly recommended
Matt Burrows
I cannot express enough my gratitude to Mr .Wolkind He helped enormously and generously when I needed help most .I think most would not reply or answer phone outside of business hours however Mr Wolkind was avaliable early morning and late at night .A huge thankyou is confirmed and for anyone reading this i recommend Mr Wolkind without hesitation once again many many thanks for your time and positive help

Response from the owner: T
julie underwood
Michael took my son's case after a desperate email for help. He believed in him from that moment on. He is passionate in his work and an advocate for true justice. Michael will find all the answers he needs before preparing his questioning and woe betide the person who is unprepared for his relentless pursuit for the truth. My gratitude for his work is unending but my thanks for his care and compassion means the world to me. I could not write a review (sorry Michael!) without mentioning the absolutely amazing Catherine Daly..they worked seemlessly as a team and her humanity and professionalism were in equal high measure. We need more people like you in the world. From the bottom of my heart I thank you both.
Jan Schneider
In the early hours of Christmas eve 2017 I found myself the victim of false allegations following a horrific incident where I was attacked in my home. This lead to me being arrested, my home being taken away and being dismissed from my job for my alleged conduct outside of work. Forced to depend on the legal aid system I was continuously let down again and again hoping for someone to care about my defence and to fight for me. Desperate to take back my freedom I began studying the law which I was meant to have broken and who was the very best in that field to defend such a charge and one name kept coming up - Michael Wolkind QC. Watching his videos from the news I knew I needed someone to defend me the way that he spoke of his clients such as Munir Hussan. After my third legal aid team failed me in less than 2 months of being arrested, I had had enough and found Michael's email address and explained the horror that I had been living in. I then took a call the same night (a Saturday) from a soft yet well spoken voice that opened “Hello, my name is Michael Wolkind… I understand you need my help?”. From the outset Michael was clear on how he liked to work, what he required from me and how we were going to work together as a team. I was soon introduced to his assistant the incredible Catherine Daly who was my main point of contact leading up to my trial, and particularly helped me through some of the darkest times of this ordeal by reassuring me that no one would fight harder for me than her and Michael. Working with Michael, Catherine and their secretary Chloe Lee was seamless from the start – there was never any missed communications, missed details or any stones left unturned and when it came to my trial I truly felt like I had the best possible advocates for my situation. Through a grueling 4 day trial Michael worked like a seasoned demolitions expert and utterly annihilated my accusers in cross examination, and blew apart the prosecution’s case. He made the jury laugh, he made them cry and he compelled them with his well thought words and actions to analyse and consider every part of my defence. Catherine did not skip a beat, she worked like a second brain to Michael and seemed to know which document he needed next - 20 seconds ahead of him asking her in the courtroom. They constantly reassured my friends and family throughout the trial as well as being incredibly observant of the movement of my trials progression and all who were involved. After what felt like a lifetime (and an Oscar worthy closing argument by Michael) it took the jury under an hour to come to a unanimous verdict of “not guilty”. I owe Michael and his team a debt I don’t believe I will ever be able to pay (not fees!), what they gave back to me was something I thought I had lost forever; and thanks to them I’m now able to begin to rebuild my life. The best way I can possibly describe my experience in having Michael Wolkind QC representing me at my trial is what I imagine it would be like going into battle with Godzilla and all his friends on your side (a very dog friendly Godzilla!).
Joel Schneider
Magnificent work, outstanding results!! Worth every penny 👍🏾

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Karen mcgregor
My brother was charged with murder and I wanted to find the best barrister to represent him. I discovered Michael Wolkind QC after a lot of careful research and from our very first meeting he filled me with confidence. He was available to discuss the case at any time in fact our first conversation being at around 9pm! He was clear in all his advice and started to give direction immediately and this later proved to be crucial to the whole defence. The case was extremely complicated with very serious mental health issues .There was a crucial preliminary court hearing and Michael was absolutely masterful in his advocacy. It took a year before the final hearing where Michael achieved the best possible result for my brother. With so much at stake, the likelihood of a long Life Imprisonment, Michael saved my brother and persuaded the Judge to give a Hospital Order against the prosecution opposition. This was exactly what we wanted and I am so grateful to Michael Wolkind QC for his dedication and talent. When I first called Michael I was alone and felt as though it was going to be a losing battle but the confidence Michael gave, not by his word but by actually seeing him in action was absolutely gob smacking. His skill and expertise really cannot be matched and he was worth every penny paid. I will never forget his presence in court, the prosecution feared him and the judge respected him. However Michael was solid and dominating upon every court hearing. God forbid should I ever need his services again my confidence in him is such that I would take a vacation and return expecting the result I want. I recommend him to anyone in trouble.All though I said this to Michael at our last meeting, I would like to say Michael Wolkind from the absolute bottom of my heart thank you, there are absolutely no words to describe how truly grateful the whole family is to you.

Response from the owner: I
No words can describe what this man has done for me. He gave me his time & advice for free & was totally honest with me. A true gentleman.
Premier Mobility Cars
Michael is amazing. I have worked in the legal sector for the past 17 years and have sat through countless trials. I first watched him 10 years ago in the Old Bailey and he stood out from the other 10 barristers in the case with his level of expertise, mitigation and cross examination. i never forgot his name because he blew me away, and yes had his client acquitted. Michael is a top class QC, one of the best I have ever had the privilege to see in action. His delivery is impeccable, truly one of a kind, blessed and sent from the heavens above, born to be a silk. 10 years later I have instructed Michael on the most important case of my life so far and I knew I needed the best barrister in the UK to fight this case. the proof is in the pudding. When I say Michael is the definition of Bad, I mean Michael Jackson Bad!! His legal expertise is one thing that can never be taken away from him and can never be watered down, Michael is excellence at its finest. His level of interpreting the law is immaculate and I can honestly say I trust my life in his hands. Some people are born great and some people evolve into greatness not knowing they were gifted from birth. Michael Wolkind QC is undeniable proof that God sends Angels to earth to do his work. I have no doubt in my mind that my case will be successful with the best QC I have met in the past 17 years doing the job. I will update you shortly as my case is coming to an end, stay tuned.
"Cometh the hour, cometh the man". Average in stature, mighty in results! With his calm voice Michael will always find the time to assist.
Sultan Mahmood
I am a journalist and Mr Wolkind has assisted my newspapers in some of the most serious crimes in Britain. His sense of justice and his amount successful appeals is outstanding. He is also a decent, kind man. Mr Wolkind's knowledge of the legal system is of the very highest standard. He also has a wonderful sense of humour!
Karen Hogan
Very professional, compassionate and Caring. Would highly recommend.

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Patrick Skeete
I contacted Mr Wolkind secretary Chloe Lee for some advice during an awful time within my profession. He very kindly rang me that same week to talk over the issue and advise me with what to do next. He has kept in touch during the past few months and even offered to find a lawyer closer to me that he would reccomend if needed. (As I live in Wales) Everytime I have dealt with either Mr Wolkind or Chloe I have felt cared for and reassured. Excellent compassionate service.

Response from the owner: T
Cymru 88
Michael was sincere and very kind in his advice on a matter that was quite perplexing and frustrating for me. I must admit to being somewhat surprised in getting a response from one of the most highly regarded QC's in the country on a relatively minor matter, but it was absolutely important for me to understand the dynamics of the position before me and Michael was superb in putting that in perspective. Many thanks.

Response from the owner: I
John Conlon
Michael was especially helpful to me, regarding a question I had regarding a criminal case. I contacted his Secretary Chloe, who was willing to listen to all the details, and to my surprise Michael called me later that day, to discuss the case, due to the urgency of this matter. Michael succinctly, and sensitively provided me with all the higher level, expert knowledge I required. Given that Michael is an exceptionally busy man, I can't thank you enough for your time. Undoubtedly you are a humaniser, is a very complex world for us mere mortals!

Response from the owner: I
Philippa Debney
Michael's help and advice has been invaluable. He has been quick in responding to our questions and has been extremely helpful in advising and guiding us with how we should proceed in the future. Thank you so much for all of your help and your continued support.

Response from the owner: T
Lisa Dawes
I contacted Mr. Wolkind for desperate help with a family legal situation and although I am on the other side of the world, he emailed straight back and was incredibly knowledgable, compassionate and generous with his communication. If we had contacted Michael earlier, I am sure our outcome would have been different. Thank you Michael, I am very grateful.

Response from the owner: v
Gemma Daniel
I'm overwhelmed with Michaels defense in the court day. I would recommend this lawyer to anyone looking for solid barrister

Response from the owner: t
Martin Wolder
I had the great pleasure to be able to watch incredibly gifted and witty Mr. Wolkind and his great assistant Cathrine doing their work. I must admit, I’ve never met someone before as impressive, talented and determined as him. It was just stunning to watch Mr. Wolkind doing his work in and out of court. He absolutely impressed by doing his cross-examination. It was just amazing listening to his speeches in court and how he managed to convince the jury while being impressively polite but determined. The jury literally hung on every word he said. And of course he won the trial. He definitely knows what he’s doing and makes a wonderful team with his not less talented and caring assistant Catherine.It was a real honour Mr. Wolkind!

Response from the owner: T
Stefanie Amann
1* is great for Converse boots! Sharp as a Tack, Cool! Linda

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Linda Pow
From the first phone call to the very end of the case Michael could not have done anymore to put myself and my families mind at rest. He really is the best there is,I can not recommend him highly enough. Catherine who works with him could not of worked harder on our case, She is one of the nicest and most hard working assistant I've ever come across.

Response from the owner: t
MICHAEL is very low profile - and acts like a lamb but delivers like a lion !

Response from the owner: T
Marzio D'Alessandro
Very professional, took time out to answer and explain all my questions despite the fact it was over the Christmas break and I was looking for a second opinion . His work ethic is very admirable and I am greatful for the time taken on my situation .

Response from the owner: Y
Thiago Lezcano
After my son was wrongly convicted, I was informed from my previous Barrister that I had no ground for an appeal on sentence. I trawled the internet to find a top Barrister and Michael Wolkind QC stood out. After meeting Michael in his London chamber I knew with in minutes this gentleman was the one I needed on board, Michael was sensitive to our case and told me exactly how we were going to take the case forward. Michael and his PA kept in contact and responded all the time to my question via Email. We have just now returned back from the Courts of Justice in London with an amazing outcome which I was informed via other Barristers wouldn’t happen. Michael , my family and I are over the moon and we cannot thank you all for an outstanding professional service. Our only regret is not finding you sooner. THANK YOU👌

Response from the owner: T
Mr Michael Wolkind QC is personable, appropriately witty, sympathetic and thoughtful. Importantly he takes control of the situation both outside and inside the courtroom. He is authoritative yet measured in his delivery. As an NHS professional who had potentially a lot at stake I am grateful to Mr Wolkind for ensuring the best outcome was achieved.

Response from the owner: T
After having met Michael for only one hour, this was the man I wanted to represent my son in his defence of two serious criminal offences, one being GBH against an off-duty police officer. Michael’s extremely friendly, empathetic character and sharp wit, immediately put my mind at ease and inspired great confidence.As soon as Michael was appointed he acted as my son’s ‘guardian angel’, personally meeting with him when required and continuously speaking with him on the telephone or by means of email when my son needed further reassurance or a question answered. Whilst recognising Michael is an extremely busy man and much in demand he never failed to get back to my son in a time efficient manner either during the working day, evenings, weekends and even a Bank Holiday. I thank Michael sincerely for this as I know my son needed continual reassurance and had many questions leading up to his court hearing.Michael was inspirational throughout the court hearing and we watched in awe when he was on his feet; the members of the jury also sat up, most interested and attentive in what Michael was going to say next; there is no doubt this exceptional and caring man has a ‘divine presence’ in court. Through Michael’s efforts my son was fully acquitted of both charges.

Response from the owner: T
Gary Reekie
It is hard to know where to start. Michael Wolkind recently represented my husband in an extremely difficult case against the 'system'! Michael is passionate about his clients and the cases brought to him, he went above and beyond in our case; I am just sorry we hadn't instructed him sooner. We will be instructing Michael again for a further matter relating to our case in the new year! Michael is amazing! I cannot thank him enough for his hard work and commitment towards us! This review does not give Michael the recognition he deserves.
Vanessa Twining
Well what can I say about Mr Wolkind that hasn't been said many times before, he really is simply brilliant, witty, clever and charismatic, but also kind and caring too. Even years after he had agreed to help me in the worst period of my life, a very public prosecution (acquitted of all charges) he is still in contact, listening and advising when needed, also speaking to the press on my behalf when it's all been too much. I can't thank Michael enough for his help and support through these very diffiicult times 🙂
Joanne Mjadzelics
Mr Wolkind and his PA Catherine Daley are more then just representatives in court they are freinds and i can honestly say with all my heart no one in this world would battle your side the way they do. They are the best at what they do and im living proof of that they've helped me and ny famiky through the hardest most painful battle of our lifes and in the end we all was succesful. Michael and Catherine if I could give you years of my life the way you gave them to me I would you both mean the world to me and my family. Mr G Singh and family x
Gurpal Singh
A very talented advocate who is totally brilliant and incisive in cross examination. He deserves the very highest recommendation.
Richard Hadley
“A family member found himself in a serious situation. I had the chance to observe Michael Wolkind “in action” throughout a long trial of 2 months. He was always in control and very proficient. His preparation in the case was well thought out and structured and his performance when it came to cross-examination was articulate and professional. What Michael achieved from that would prove vital in the acquittal of the family member on all counts. Michael’s speeches were so persuasive as well. To put it simply, Michael is an amazing QC to have on your side defending you in any type of case. His style, approach and execution is second to none. The whole family had suffered for 13 months waiting. Allegations of such nature are awful. Our family member is now a free man because of Michael Wolkind QC”
S Km
Justice must be assured and not gambled with. This can only happen with meticulous preparation, attention to detail and a clear understanding of the case. This is why direct access to your Barrister can never be under rated. Michael's command of his profession and court artistry leaves no room for ambiguity. In summary, if you do not wish to gamble with your future, engage Michael Wolkind.
Alan Clarke
'With Christmas fast approaching, my continuing and heartfelt thanks to Michael and his superb team who worked on legal matters and so much more thereafter. Family and I are ever grateful that this year is extra special all made possible thanks to Michael’s superb representation. The most proficient razor sharp legal mind I have ever come across in the business. When the chips are down he comes around and, works magic with the lightest yet most commanding touch. Simply the very best!’

Response from the owner: y
gary Pearce
Myself & my Wife are retried working class people in our latter years, who were shocked to find our Son in a serious situation. We did not know which way to turn to help our Son; therefore my Daughter searched the internet to seek the best Counsel for him. On initially contacting Mr Michael Wolkind QC by telephone, I found him an extremely lovely man who started to put my mind at ease straight away. Mr Wolkind QC and his Team provided crucial support for both myself & my Son leading up to his trial. At my Sons trial Mr Wolkind QC was an outstanding force to be reckoned with; he sent the Court room & the Judge silent. Mr Wolkind QC held the attention of the Court like a Shakespearean Actor. I have never seen anyone with a presence like him. Mr Wolkind QC was out of his own City for my Sons trial and all at the Court commented on what a lovely man he is and they showed him total respect due to this. The outcome of my Sons trial is fantastic and I cannot thank Mr Wolkind QC and his Team enough for all their hard work & dedication. I would highly recommend Mr Michael Wolkind QC, in my opinion he is the best Defence Barrister in Britain, a total gentleman and a complete star. Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts & god bless.James.A. Manchester
Helen Charlesworth