Michael and his dog

About Me

Michael occasionally enjoys a life out of court. His interests include a strange but devoted support of Barnet FC, an alleged soccer team. Following promotion a few seasons back, the Mighty Bees are now competing with the Big Boys, (mid-table League 2, oh well…)

Michael lives in London with his partner, Justyna, who has several University degrees but refuses to share any of them with him. “He has one son, two daughters, three dogs, and four friends (please note that three of the friends are his dogs !). Well, that used to be the position – his first ever Dog, the wonderful Cato the Flat-Coated Retriever, passed on. Last year the amazing Dylan the Cocker Spaniel then passed on. Michael now spends as much time as possible with Milo, the marvellous Cockapoo, discussing ‘Law and Life’.

In November 2016, Michael was invited to address Oxford University Bar Society about his career, 40 years as a Barrister.