One of the UK’s Top Protest Case Barristers and QC’s

Widely regarded as one of the UK’s top protest case barristers and QC’s, Michael Wolkind’s celebrated “save the world” victory for GreenPeace made The New York Times 2008 Events of The Year.

When needed, Michael brings a most
innovative approach to his cases!
Read Michael’s own article in The Guardian here

As one of the UK’s top protest case barristers and QC’s, in September 2008, Michael was instructed to act for 6 Greenpeace protestors who climbed and then daubed the chimney stack at the Kingsnorth nuclear power plant. These protestors became known as the Kingsnorth 6.

Presenting a bold defence that the protesters were acting only to “save the world“, the jury readily acquitted them.

The result had world-wide publicity and acclaim. Indeed it was selected by The New York Times as one of the Events of the Year 2008, the Newspaper wrote, “In September, a British jury shook up the world of green politics when it accepted a lawful-excuse defence for property damaged with the intention of averting even greater damage from climate change.”

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